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  • About Us

    What is Taekwondo?

    Taekwondo is one of the most systematic and scientific Korean traditional martial arts, that teaches more than physical fighting skills. It is a discipline that shows ways of enhancing our spirit and life through training our body and mind. Today, it has become a global sport that has gained an international reputation, and stands among the official games in the Olympics.

    -World Taekwondo Federation-

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  • Our Principles

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      Respect & Courtesy

      In the Dojang Respect and Courtesy can be expressed simply being polite. You can show courtesy by, bowing as you enter the Dojang, greeting your instructors and fellow students with a handshake and bow, listening quietly when your instructors talk, and thanking your instructors at the end of class.

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      The easiest way to describe integrity is doing the right thing, and doing what you say you are going to do. So in the taekwondo Dojang. Try not to cheat. If your instructor asks everyone to do 20 push ups, don't do 15 so you can finish first. Without pushing yourself you won't see any improvement.

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      Perseverance means to sticking with something, or to keeping on going even if things get tough. When training, sometimes it can be difficult to learn a new technique, you might fall down a few times or feel silly, but if you pick yourself up and keep trying you can eventually master any technique.

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      When you train in taekwondo, you learn many incredibly powerful techniques, some of which could potentially cause great harm. Along with these fighting skills we must also learn to develop our self-control, so that we do not put ourselves or others in danger. You must always keep calm and focused.

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      Indomitable Fighting Spirit

      When we train in the martial arts we develope what some would call a 'fighting spirit'. It comes from persevering, from getting up and trying again when you fail, from pushing yourself through physical and mental exhaustion, and from facing your fears. This spirit is what allows us to do more than we ever imagined possible.

  • Our Programs

    Little Kids Program
    Ages 4-5: Safe, Fun Class to Improve Focus and Control

    We provide your child:
    1) Increased focus and self-control / A structured learning environment
    2) Patient and enthusiastic instructors
    3) An early introduction to exercise for building life-long healthy habits
    4) A great outlet to burn off excess energy

    Youth Program
    Ages 7~12: Kids gain focus, Confidence and Respect in a Fun, positive setting

    Masters TKD Teaches:
    1) Better focus and concentration skills
    2) The importance of courtesy and respect
    3) Self-control and cooperation
    4) Coordination and the benefits of exercise and physical fitness
    5) How to set and achieve goals
    6) Commitment and not giving up when faced with challenge.

    Teen & Adult Program
    Ages 13 & up:
    Most of our adults join with little to no experience. You will learn step-by-step in a positive and enthusiastic environment.

    We Offer You:
    1) Knowledge of Self Defense / Better Health & Wellness
    2) Less Stress / Increased Confidence
    3) The Chances to learn Something New / A Fun Form of Exercise
    4) Dedicated and experienced teachiang staff

  • Our Teachers

    Jong Jae Jung

    Mario Legendre

    Edgar De Chavez
    Assistant Instructor

    John LoMascolo
    Assistant Instructor

    Anthony LoMascolo
    Assistant Instructor

  • Our Schedule

    -Personal training is also available by appointment-

  • Stay in Touch

    25 Amy Croft Dr.,
    St. Clair Shore Plaza
    in Tecumseh off of Manning and E.C. Row

    Telephone:  (519) 979 8288
    Email: jjjaee@gmail.com

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  • Our Goals

    We are committed to creating and maintaining an atmosphere of positive energy and respect in our dojang.
    We aim to teach the highest quality martial arts to our students, to empower them with valuable skills than can be used in daily life, and to contribute to a safe and peaceful community.

    When we state that our goal is to teach the highest quality of martial arts, it refers not only to high standards of technical skills, but to the character developement and leadership skills that are essential elements of truly learning Tae kwon do. Therefore, our training includes skills valuable in every day life; cooperation, respect, self-control, focus, and confidence.

    Tae kwon do training helps to builds strength, speed, balance, flexibility and stamina, and is a great tool for both health and self defence. Tae kwon do is so much more though, we know from experience that training in Tae kwon do helps students in their personal and professional lives. The positive character traits that develop will benefit students of all ages at school, at work, and at home.